Octanorm – Economy

Octanorm is, thanks to its high quality and simplicity of service, the most common, widespread and

most used aluminium exhibition system in the world. This system is intended for both internal and

external spaces, from the simplest to complicated exhibitions. It represents the European standard in

exhibition services.

We use it mainly for the construction of smaller standardised expositions or for the setting up of

complete exhibitions.

Among the biggest advantages of the Octanorm system are its variability (unlike other exhibition

systems), simple assembly and compactness. This system is also marked by the quality elaboration of

the elements of the system and, in the case of the white ones, cleanliness and elegance. Octanorm

allows for the construction of sloping and rounded walls, counters, superstructures and likewise

the extension of the exhibition by atypical elements – carpentry and locksmith work, specially

illuminated high hoardings etc.