Trade fair

A trade fair is an exhibition of one branch of a firm´s products. Its main aim is to establish contacts

with wholesalers and customers and to present new products.

It is not then, unlike a normal market, primarily a matter of direct sales to end customers – some

trade fairs are not open to the public at all or are accessible only on certain days, towards the end of

the fair, for example.


Trade fairs can be divided according to the field that they represent – foodstuffs, clothing,

engineering, books, cars, agriculture, toy fairs, information technology, and similar.

Specialist trade fairs usually take place once a year at the same place, and often their traditions

stretch back deep into the past. In the same area of one trade fair site, one year sees trade fairs

being held from various branches and usually lasting for about a week.

For a long time trade fairs have belonged among the most efficient forms of a company´s marketing

communications. Commercial contacts are made at trade fairs, potential customers are addressed

and awareness of the firm is heightened. Thanks to the direct presentation of products a trade fair

can influence the purchasing of both potential business partners and end customers even though its

main aim is by no means direct sales. The ability to act on all the senses is an important part of the

marketing mix and commercial strategy of a trade fair.


Trade fairs are ideal opportunities for companies to present themselves on the outside – in front of

both business partners and to customers. Therefore it is important to offer an original stand.