Stand design

Creating a designer stand with unlimited finance is easy. The real professionals from the firm Stall

Expo are also able to do it on a limited budget.

We produce stands comprehensively with emphasis on the perfect use of the space, functionality,

comfort and overall appearance.


• We design stands so that they are suitable in terms of both appearance and efficiency.

• We elaborate designs for exhibitions on the basis of the customer´s request – disposition,

equipment, graphics…

• Our stands are purposeful, variable, manufactured using modern materials and stable


• All materials used meet safety norms

• We can manufacture any atypical stand for perfect presentation


Apart from classic stands, we also construct atypical exhibitions for demanding clients. Thanks to its

creative layout, the stand attracts attention and presents a firm in the best light. Atypical trade fair

stands can accept all the requirements of the client and give us a greater opportunity to exercise

creativity. In the construction of exhibitions we use our many years of experience in setting up trade

fairs across the whole of Europe, so we can always provide the client with a one hundred percent